Post Procedure Lymphatic
Massage in Racine

Professional Post Procedure Lymphatic Massage in Racine

At The Well, we offer professional massage therapy services, including a post procedure lymphatic massage, in Racine. Our goal is to attend to the holistic well-being for all of our customers. We focus on improving physical, emotional, and mental health in order to help you achieve the best overall health possible.

Our team of expert massage therapists is here to deliver you a relaxing day and bring you better overall health and wellness. With the variety of options that we provide for your massage therapy, you’ll be able to choose which option suits you best individually. Let our team take away the stress that you’ve been carrying around.

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Why Massage Therapy
at The Well?

If you are looking for a post procedure lymphatic massage in Racine, come visit us at The Well! Our certified massage therapist is passionate about post procedural massage and overall recovery and wellness. When you receive a massage, it not only affects your body’s physical state, but it also has a significant impact on your nervous system.

Lymphatic massages use gentle strokes, movements and soft “pumping” to help the circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body. A lymphatic massage can be used to reduce fluid retention and swelling from an illness or post-surgery. Lymphatic massages can also help detoxify your body, improve your immune system, and are great for relaxation, as well.

Massage therapy can help balance your nervous system, which in turn helps calm your body. Having post-procedural and more regular massage therapy allows your body to restore balance and flush out toxins. You will be able to sleep better, increase your concentration, and improve your mental alertness.

When you come to The Well, you will receive a lymphatic massage that will detoxify your body and improve immune support, which is crucial post-op. 

We offer several different types of massage therapies that will provide you with multiple avenues for full body, mind, emotional, and spiritual relaxation. We also offer the use of essential oils during massage therapy to enhance your experience and further help reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and increase the inflammatory response.

When you’re in need of a post procedural lymphatic massage in Racine, contact us to join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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4 Massage Therapy Options

At The Well, we know each person is an individual and may not want the same type of healing touch. That is why we offer multiple options of massage therapy in Mount Pleasant so you can find the right one to help you.

Integrative Massage utilizes a unique blending of therapeutic massage techniques to deliver purpose healing touch that is specific to your personal needs.

Aromatouch Massage combines unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils. With 8 different oils in a specific order, The Well will have you feeling better than ever.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses gentle strokes of movement called soft “pumping” to help the circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body. Whether recovering post surgery or from an illness, The Well can get you feeling right.

Cupping Therapy is an alternative therapy that uses suction to pull the skin, muslces, and tissue upwards. This helps with many health issues, recovery for athletes, and promotes relaxation.

If you are ready to begin your total-body wellness journey, book a massage therapy appointment today!

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